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Global Tool & Mold Union is committed to the collaborative development of Mold manufacturing area. The current chairman of the union is Tomson Fan , and he is the chairman of Hong Kong V1 group, who has been deeply involved in the mould industry for 20 years. GTMU partners are some service and support companies for the mold manufacturing industry, through the online and offline dissemination of mold industry business data information exchange, as well as to promote the development of the mold industry, help mold enterprise development and expansion in manufacturing and related industries. The association is committed to serve GTMU members by providing them with a full range of business information and technical services.To provide innovative knowledge platform to help the association members get more business. Provide online seminars, open professional business channels online, report on industry trends;Provide professional mould marketing plan, provide global industry research report online, ensure members know the latest industry trends.

Provide a full range of technical services

Global industry survey

The latest industry survey report of the world's mold power country such like Germany, Japan, South Korea and China, it is updated in real time by the global team and reported authentically and fully reflect.

Online seminar

Industry experts and technical professionals from all over the world conduct real-time online discussion on the topic, experts consult the difficult mold difficulties, share research results.

Frontier technology trends

Collect the latest frontier mould application technology, timely report and share, and provide professional and thoughtful docking services

Industry data analysis

Integrate resources of international and domestic famous mould enterprises, associations and related industry organizations, and refine industry data, GTMU provides international data analysis and sharing services as a window.

Industry news

Rewards and return: The milling process saves time and...

Rewards and return: The milling process saves time and Milling speed increased by 70% Formen&Werkzeugbau&MMC Cooperative development with Hitachi Tool…

Although the situation is still be though and optimistic

The businese situation of Haimer GmbH are different at 2019. Sales figures for the start of the year are likely to peak at the start, But in the second half of the year…

Moduleworks and Topsolid…

The Moduleworks 5-axis component integrated into the Topsolid solution enables Topsolid to provide a full range of roughing for complex mill applications and

Increase in production capacity at 2020

To ensure that Big Kaiser remains at the forefront of innovation, precision and quality, it is investing millions of euros in new machines and processing centres.

Laws and regulations

The state office of major technical equipment on the organization of 2020....
In order to further improve the core competitiveness and innovation ability of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises, accelerate the industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading. According to the administrative measures on import tax policy of major technical equipment (no. 2 [2020]), the decision was made after research…
The product tariff code lists-item 12 that raises export tax refund rate
Mold is an important basic technological equipment in industrial production, with its advantages of high production efficiency, high consistency, low consumption and low cost, as well as high precision and complexity, etc., it has become the leading product of the national economy and people's livelihood in modern society, and has become a measure of a country. .
The third batch of individual champion enterprises and individual champion products recommendation work was launched
In order to implement the spirit of the central economic work conference and accelerate the cultivation of innovative vanguard enterprises, according to the implementation plan of the special action for the cultivation and upgrading of individual champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry, the first two batches of work experience selection, cultivation and upgrading of industry and ...

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