Welcome to V1 Global Resources!

V1mold.com has overseas representatives and branches in 30 countries and 50 regions all over the world. With its strong and comprehensive global resources, V1mold.com is committed to opening up the vertical industrial chain of the global mold industry and improving the world industrial level.

Overseas Core Team
CEO in European Region
Mr. Koen Scherrens
Worked as senior executive in the world-renowned mold manufacturer Punch and the senior executive of Fremach. Has been in mold industry more than 35 years.
CEO in America
Mr. Peter Creedon
Former CEO of Fremach and senior executive in Philips, with more than 30 years of mold and industrial manufacturing experience and international resources.
CEO in Asia-Pacific
Mr. Ghana
Former senior executive of NGK and HITACHI
Global Marketing and Sales

Most members of V1's marketing team have been engaged in mold industry for more than 30 years. They have rich professional knowledge and customer resources in injection molds, metal stamping, die casting, checking fixtures, machinery, etc., and can provide comprehensive marketing and sales services for V1 members.

Inquiry and successful cases
Chunsheng Cai
Project Manager
Our company joined as a member of V1 industrial Internet platform in January 2020, We received the first RFQ in March and now get weekly inquires from different customers.
Pamela Mao
Sales Director
Our company registered as a member of V1 Industrial Internet in December 2020, and successfully received orders of 16 sets molds in April.
Global After-sale Service and Second-stage Support

It is our core philosophy to provide the best services for all our customers and members. We have set up after-sale services and second-stage support center in more than 30 locations.

More details

Case 1:

After our molds arrived in Mexico running for some time, the molds had problems, but our company does not have after-sale resources overseas. Through V1mold.com, we found an after-sales plant close to our customers. They repaired the mold for us and the service was very good.

Wei Xianfu

Dongguan Jinzhong Mold CO.,LTD - General Manager

Through the strategic cooperation with V1 industrial Internet platform, we focus on providing after-sale and second-stage services for the 3,000 toolshops on the platform. We have a professional team to follow up the service to ensure each mold can meet the requirements of customers.


Bondin SAS - General Manager
Global Talents Sharing

V1mold.com has a strong and comprehensive network of talents in the mold industry worldwide. When you post requirements on the V1 platform, the system will allocate the talents that best suit your needs.

Mold Designer
Translators and Interpreter
Case 1
Mo Yisi
China-15 years mold design experience

I received customer's design requirements through V1 Internet platform and successfully completed the mold design. I have achieved financial freedom and more flexible time through this platform.

Case 2
Udo Draffehn
Germany-Wolfsburg-30 years' mold industry experience

Senior purchasing manager in the headquarters of Volkswagen AG. Currently responsible for project management and technical support in Germany and surrounding countries.

Global exhibition

V1mold.com has been organizing professional and value-added exhibitions for mold vertical chain industry. Working in close partnership with local governments, public authorities, professional associations and corporate bodies, we pride ourselves on offering world-class exhibition solutions.